Module 5: assessment

Posted on March 17, 2016


So!   We’re “off” on the very next thing:   the assessment part of our project for the MOOC about ed tech.

This represents about three quantum leaps forward into design.

  • Part 1:  This will be a 1-page summary of your Assessment Plan. List the refined learning goals and describe each measure you are using to assess progress towards each goal. Explain how you will collect data, what that data means, and how it is useful.
  • Part 2: This is a mockup of the data display for at least one measure you are using. Specify who the audience is and create an image of the tables, text, or other visuals that will convey the assessment results. Examples can be found on the next page in this section. We do not expect that your images will be as sophisticated; the focus should be on communicating your approach visually rather than creating perfect graphics.

LOL of course one of their examples is … Khan Academy, where you get badges for blinking prettily.

At any rate, I’m going to attempt to “assess” more than getting a right answer here and there… and also attempt to have my attempt online ASAP so that a:   I can get back to my mad textbook development and b: maybe other people will like having another example.

(Erm, guess what?   I dont’ communicate visually all that well, but we’ll do what we can!)

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