Community College Review: alternatives to “remedial pedagogy”

Posted on March 17, 2016


I just made good on my decision to Read More Articles.  Good grief, right through my computer I can access our library’s database.

I searched “Developmental Math” and voila!

“You’ve Got to Learn the Rules”: A Classroom-Level Look at Low Pass Rates in Developmental Math. By: Cox, Rebecca D., Community College Review, 00915521, Jul2015, Vol. 43, Issue 3   … I *think* it might be freely accessible online.   When I went to the web page (b/c the HTML version via the library was completely unformatted), I was told that for *me* it was free…???  and it says “Parkland College” up in the corner… 

Like me, it seems Rebecca Cox thinks there’s more to making developmental math better than Giving Students More Help… that it’s worth examining exactly how the instruction is happening.

She observed teaching (wow!) at two colleges, each of which were endeavoring to improve developmental math classes.   “College A”  was providing lots and lots of extra support; “College X” was sending teachers to learn to teach more conceptually.

Guess what?   Students did better at College X.  Caveat:   well, those students might have been overplaced anyway (based on the fact that they really seemed to know a lot already).  Now, Miss JOnes would suggest that they might have known the procedures but that it still served them really, really well to teach concepts.   (Why there and not at College A?  Well…)   And yes, not many students, lots of other variables, etc.

I also learned how to read a PDF and highlight, tho’ it stinks that I can only highlight in yellow.   Gonna muck with Read and Write about that…