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Posted on March 10, 2016


I’ve gone and submitted my “pitch” to the MOOC.   I realize that … the point of the course is to learn to make a pitch — not to actually make the pitch happen… so at a certain point I won’t be benefiting from it and might as well bail.   So far, still, I’m learning stuff about design and what kinds of things other people want to design.   I also found somebody who’s posted twice as oft as I have (until now, only one or two of the TA’s helping w/ the course approached my post total).

I’m curious about the “personal feedback to your pitch” at the “live event” (which is in the middle of the day so we’ll see how busy it is…)   Will he/she/they be giving feedback about the pitch or about the idea?   What’s their agenda?   I b’lieve all of 14 people posted pitches. (Several of them, like me, essentially posted the same pitch.   Of course, the ones since me might have been imitating me.)

Are the fine Mooculators analyzing who’s participating and how, and is that more of their interest than, say, people benefiting from the course?

Are they giving us that “certain amount” of their attention b/c otherwise it would be overwhelming… and then not understanding why students pretty much do the same?

Alas, the MOOC I am more interested in has its “live thing” tonight when I am otherwise engaged 😦

This just in:   analysis of adults’ performance in literacy, numeracy and “proficiency on the PIAAC problem solving in technology-rich environments scale.”   No surprise, U.S.  doesn’t do all that well.  We’re fatter at the bottom than average, all the wayaround, tho’ not by much, and no, we aren’t a bunch of ignorami 🙂   Lots of people know lots of stuff… we are a bit better with the words than the numbers, and worse at the “technology rich” compared to the other countries than either with the letters or the numbers.

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