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Is memorisation a good strategy?

March 31, 2016

0;jsessionid=31h5ad0xxb10g.x-oecd-live-03    “PISA finds that 15-year-olds commonly use memorisation to learn mathematics. But if you think memorisation is most widely used in the East Asian countries that share a Confucian heritage and are “known” for rote learning, think again. Fewer 15-year-olds in Hong Kong-China, Japan, Korea, Macao-China, Shanghai-China, Chinese Taipei and Viet Nam reported that […]

Emergent number sense, maybe…

March 30, 2016


Pre-algebra class has a ‘project’ about calories and running and losing weight.   When it works (and it does, often), students get nice practice reading carefully … and busted if they fall into “make it look like the one before,” because the one before said you ran 2 miles a day, and this one says […]

I. Hate. Windows.

March 29, 2016


There was a time you could search your computer for a file and it would find it really quickly. Whether it’s the Camtasia movie that — I was here, I saw it when I made it! — doesn’t seem to exist any more, or the notes from the meeting last month… no, files now really […]

While I’m Moocking about it…

March 28, 2016


The MIT MOOC was fun… definitely felt like it was their baby and we were just pieces of data (which I’ve felt like in face to face classes, *often*).   They put on a show and we were the audience… with Stuff To Do… Now, the Service MOOC is another story — definitely real personal […]

The anxious voice…

March 28, 2016


So I was really happy with how my overall patience had been going until one of my anxious souls came in and dang it, my voice went right into that which manifests  “you’re just being anxious! Can’t you just cut that out???”    nonverbal message which, by the way, is profoundly ineffective.   What helps? […]

WordPress works again!

March 27, 2016


So yesterday I could get to my blog on some computers, not others… which I thought might be a function of the aging computer in question — the error was that a firewall was blocking things but if there’s one thing a person knows, it’s that the Microsoft “error” messages are usually *not* related to […]


March 26, 2016


(Must go out and ride and contemplate the term for the “distraction” that makes things run more quickly.) I went to to see what I could see. Yes, they have a devoted course less than 90 minutes long (and comprehensible at 1.5 so quicker) and SWEET! it’s based on Android Studio, which is what I’m […]


March 26, 2016


Watching a webinar from  to people in Library Science.  It’s out of Boston; people w/ disabilities talking about libraries and employment and life.  The lady there w/ LD gave some time to the idea of lectures being of limited value to some kinds of learners…  lots of just chatter about getting along in the […]

Okay, that’s submitted…

March 25, 2016


Arright, I’ve done the “pitch” for the MIT EdX course.   I didn’t even go back and read the directions to see whether I’d “followed directions” as far as formatting things goes on the grounds that it’s not as if this pitch is *going* anywhere further, and now it’s time to get back to the […]

Math talks…

March 23, 2016


So I’m trying to focus on getting the Transitions Math text sharable.   I’m making little 2-3 minute videos to go with the text, which is mostly student activities.   It’s meant to be done w/ guidance. When I’m doing the guiding in the tutoring lab, I get to fill in all kinds of gaps. […]