Canvas Mooc

Posted on February 27, 2016


I’m taking a MOOC on Canvas where they know my real name 🙂   and… it’s the second week and I have to decide whether or not to take it as it is “written” — to require 2-3 hours per week — or … what it needs to do it justice, which is double that, on *my* time, which is usually about half of that (double speed) that of the average bear.   is the course home page and they’ll take new folks until I think the second of March.  THere are some really knowledgeable people in this course; it exemplifies that trend that “most people who do MOOCS are already educated.”

Oh, and Julie Dirksen’s book has been referenced 🙂

Or… Hmmm… thinking back ot my tech writing class where we had assignmetns that were, in reality, too big and we were working together and decided that it had best be done as a group project — and that we should suggest this to the instructor.   (They told me to ask the prof since I intimidated him, which was news to me – it was *not* on purpose…)   We did and we did a moderately awesome little tech writing project from the “Technical Writers for Arms Termination”  with six parts…

So… maybe I’ll suggest something like taht… but now, back to it.

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