Snow Day!

Posted on February 24, 2016



Yes, the stuff that was on the literal radar but not the media radar has come charging forth and is swirling and dumping wet snow.  Tractor trailer is all over median strip on the Interstate to the west, power lines closing lanes elsewhere. I still just *might* gear up and take the Gazelle out for a brief tour.  No traffic webcams but the U of Illinois is open (Parkland College and everybody else, no).  Doesn’t look too bad from here … if you’re out of the wind you’re okay. *Might* take Gazelle for a little ride later.

So!  I’m off the hook for having the “Chapter One” of “Transitions Math ” ready to go online (I had a meeting scheduled to start that today, & it’s only barely almost ready).   Guess I’d better work on that so the weather can back off 🙂   It’ll be Creative Commons licensed so share, share, share!

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