ants on the beach, NOT.

Posted on February 18, 2016


Saw this nifty thing in Edutopia:

It’s rather in contrast to one of the videos in the MOOC on ed tech I’m dabbling in, where a guy extolled “cognitive tutors” and stated that learners follow the same path, if a complex one (and, oh, that nobody has time to actually hone tutoring skills so computers do a better job).

My post about the “worst intervention ever” was a featured one — so I’m two for two, and my name’s pronounced (if I remember right) Gee–on–zee.   Wonder if that’s influenced by Beyonce 🙂

So I submitted a second, grander “learning challenge” — my fantasy of having a team of folks grabbing the code for the cooler things of Khan Academy and applying good pedagogy to them and making OER awesomeness.  Given that the legislators have said they want schools doing more with OER it should be a do-able thing.

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