MTBoS and conferences

Posted on February 15, 2016


I watch Christopher Woodin’s videos and have copies of his books about teaching math in structured, multisensory ways to “whole to part” learners… and I “follow” him on twitter, tho’ his singular tweet was the kind of tweet you make at a faculty meeting or conference session when they show you what that Twitter thing is and have you make an account.

When he tweeted today (three years since the last tweet at LDA conference) I responded.  So there!   There *is* a world out here!

Just kinda wish I were in Florida ’cause his session was about … welp,

“Fostering Procedural and Affective Independence on Math Assignments for the Student with Language Learning Disabilities Christopher Woodin, Landmark School, Manchester, MA Adapt commercially produced materials to provide missing structure and scaffolding so that students can initiate and complete independent assignments. Learn strategies to get students to activate their prior knowledge, identify and produce unfamiliar facts, create diagrams to process text-bound problems, and use self-checking strategies. Learn to scaffold independence by providing upfront practice with embedded subroutines to multistep procedures, as well as access to teacher-prepared online multimedia. Foster increased vigilance, precision, and independence by promoting a growth mindset that rewards process rather than product. Level: Intermediate.”

Can we say “cognitive accessibility”?





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