Windows. Yeah.

Posted on February 11, 2016


I shoudl probably go ahead and “Download Windows 10” because Windows 8.1 really, really stinks.

Yes, if I save a Word file, I have to standon my head and do contortions to prevent it dumping out into “OneDrive,” which sometimes I can access, and sometimes I can’t.

I really want to find website files on my computer but … all I find are ones on OneDrive.    I can’t say “don’t look on One Drive!” and… I can’t even delete the bleeping folder from One Drive.  I’m told that 93204938 files can’t be recycled. (Okay, not that many…)

Gee, thanks.

And searching for something takes at least 3 minutes, often 5 or 6.   It’s gotta comb through the cloud, I guess…

Rant over…

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