Lucky for you…

Posted on February 4, 2016


Lots of good timing and dumb luck today… Okay, first, neither:  an awesome link outlining tips for making online materials accessible: 

Oh, also NOT LUCK:   my kiddo who’s been plugging away with Modumath since I think before Christmas took the math test for getting into a Construction Worker Training thing.   He was really, really nervous…  and came back having passed with a reasonably comfortable margin — and the determination to keep coming in and working because the training was going to require math.

… and the three first-time-there people came, literally, one right after each other, as in as the other one was leaving.   If they’d been there at the same time… and I didn’t go to my “I’m being patient with you because you’re not thinking…” voice when… I might have, and … I could tell. I got a “this isn’t as crazy as I thought it was…”  Small Victory 🙂 🙂

Wasn’t all perfect … but the imperfections were wrinkles, not rents in the fabric.   I got many more self-affirming statements from ’em today than usual… (‘I know so much more than when I started’ …)

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