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Canvas Mooc

February 27, 2016


I’m taking a MOOC on Canvas where they know my real name ūüôā ¬† and… it’s the second week and I have to decide whether or not to take it as it is “written” — to require 2-3 hours per week — or … what it needs to do it justice, which is double that, […]

Snow Day!

February 24, 2016


  Yes, the stuff that was on the literal radar but not the media radar has come charging forth and is swirling and dumping wet snow. ¬†Tractor trailer is all over median strip on the Interstate to the west, power lines closing lanes elsewhere. I still just *might* gear up and take the Gazelle out […]

It’s an algorithm thing x 2

February 22, 2016


First, weather: ¬† we have no “special weather statements” up. ¬† Weekend temps were springlike – fifties! ¬†Today 45! ¬† Sunny and beautiful!! ¬† The front page of “weather channel” has niceness today and tomorrow… tomorrow night: ¬† Rain/Wind Late. I know what I’d be thinking. ¬† Might be wet Wednesday. ¬†Find raingear. (Not umbrella […]

It’s a privilege thing.

February 22, 2016


Okay, it’s really, really hard to explain privilege to people who have it. They even, I think, want to understand it. I think this example almost quantifies it. So this friend of mine is taking a course that’s been *really* demanding the first¬†two¬†weeks. ¬† Gobs of reading, interactives, discussions, stuff to write (and from what […]

ants on the beach, NOT.

February 18, 2016


Saw this nifty thing in Edutopia: ¬† It’s rather in contrast to one of the videos in the MOOC on ed tech I’m dabbling in, where a guy extolled “cognitive tutors” and stated that learners follow the same path, if a complex one (and, oh, that nobody has time to actually hone tutoring skills so […]

MTBoS and conferences

February 15, 2016


I watch Christopher Woodin’s videos and have copies of his books about teaching math in structured, multisensory ways to “whole to part” learners… and I “follow” him on twitter, tho’ his singular tweet was the kind of tweet you make at a faculty meeting or conference session when they show you what that Twitter thing […]

Windows. Yeah.

February 11, 2016


I shoudl probably go ahead and “Download Windows 10” because Windows 8.1 really, really stinks. Yes, if I save a Word file, I have to standon my head and do contortions to prevent it dumping out into “OneDrive,” which sometimes I can access, and sometimes I can’t. I really want to find website files on […]

Videos of the app

February 11, 2016


The “watch” activity The “solve” activity¬†¬†(guess only one embeds?) and the “label” activity. ¬† I have similar ones for subtracting but they’re not in this version yet…¬†  

Don’t ask :)

February 10, 2016


It’s for that class. Okay, to update! ¬† Our “assignment:” ¬†To post about a worst case intervention… we were encouraged not simply to provide barriers to learning but to demonstrate Bad Design. ¬†We were encouraged to include a visual. ¬† I’d just seen somebody extolling the virtues of an “intelligent [computer] tutor” that included saying […]

Backing up …

February 6, 2016


… the files, which is a step forward. ¬†The Working Thing with title “Jan29” is now on Ay-soos, the GREENECK and the Transcend and the Camtasia flash drives and now the cloud knows where they are. Since my next Thing TO Figure Out is how to manage versions of things in GitHub, it’ll soon be […]