Fortune Cookie

Posted on January 30, 2016


“Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed.”

Now, if only I *had* abilities to stay focused 🙂

Sitting at Peking Garden last night (before getting the fortune cookie 😉 I figured out that in lieu of figuring out how to put and take things from a layout, I can make a re-usable score view like the number line … but … going to *first* make a priority of making somethign sharable ASAP.

EdX course is on “Module 0” and not demanding at all… and seems no, you can’t get ahead.  They don’t have the archived one, and they’re not posting anything ahead of time (at least not yet), which I think is silly since I’m pretty sure this is the second time through.

The “make an OER for adult ed” course doesn’t start ’til Feb 22;  Mar.1 is date for turnign in presentation proposals for the Faculty Summer Institute.   I could explore a session in actually making your own (with the resources they have, like we’ll be “learning” to do)… or …

or I could go out and ride a bike 🙂  Maybe out to the bike shop to see if that Transport fits me.  If it doesn’t, end of problem.   (The other hugely tempting vehicle is too big, a nd maybe this one is, too.)



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