Rediscovering :)

Posted on January 28, 2016


Oh, my, that even embedded!!! These are movies from Landmark School… CHris Woodin has awesome materials and methods.   It’s also **really** helpful to me to watch real teaching videos because I tend to accelerate, and these remind me what to be watching for to set my teaching pace. If students don’t have time to process and respond, I’m going too fast…

All done with “module 0” in the edX course.   I started a “group” but the only other “person” who joined hasn’t done anything else, so I suspect a spambot.   And I’m on day 90 in StackOverflow but have *not* made any progress this week on any tech fronts 😦 😦  I even tried to bribe myself and say I could buy a new bike if I dove in at home after work but…


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