Hyperactive Online Education

Posted on January 28, 2016


The idea is evolving.  Actually, one version is fairly do-able:   tie arithmetic questions about a game score to a game.  So, when you’re doing whatever “sport” with your Wii… you practice some arithmetic skill with some kind of data from your activity.

Still, I like the hooking up the course content to exercise machines & weights better.   Warm-up has you walking the treadmill while you punch in old answers to familiar stuff.  Then you get to see the “presentation” part of your lesson and you’ve got to stretch or lift or something as response to questions along the way.   If you slow down, the movie slows down 😛

And it’s “Hyperactive Online Education” — HOE, of course.   People will want to sign up for their HOE courses left and right!  Parkland College’s financial woes will be over!

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