Cognitive accessibility

Posted on January 24, 2016


Contemplating what this is.   Is it watering things down?  Well, yes, in a way.   It’s more like the “watering up” idea… or  more like breaking things down — but building them up. It’s starting with basic concepts and taking the time to build the concepts, include the language that we use to think about those concepts…

After all, if you want to have a crack team of weight lifters, you really don’t need to require that from day 1 they can all lift 200 pounds, and hope to get them to 2000.   You *could* start with 40 (and if, gosh, those folks only got to 1000… we’re still a lot stronger than we were).   And maybe, like at our local Iyengar Yoga place, you have some props and things to make sure that instead of me doing my best to *look* like I’m contorting correctly, I can use those bolsters to hold up my knees so I can actually stretch the muscles that need to be stretched.

So… time to get back to The Math Online Course (no, not forgetting the app — want 5 hrs. to that this week b/c I’m asymptotically approaching Sharable).

After a little bike ride…  and maybe a little yoga 😉

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