No, *this* is the app I need :)

Posted on January 22, 2016


Riding in this morning I was reflecting on the really frustrated student yesterday.   The problems were “order of operations” problems so they had 5 or 6 steps and if he did them piece.  by.   piece.   he’d lose a detail and if he did ’em in his head he’d drop a sign or something.   He’s not automatic with those details.

I imagined taking a break to oh, use exercise bands or a stair stepper… and imagined stomping out “Same sign, add and keep, different sign subtract!”   — which would be extremely rote (which has its place) but would be ever so enhanced if there were a blazing visual to accompany it.   Now, entering whilst stomping *could* be an issue but I heard on NPR that some mobile products are set up so you can input with your nose. The novelty would make people leap to study.   Yes, you could also just have the input place wherever it made sense for your hands to be…you could have a set of exercise straps for each of your choices and you grab and *YANK!* what you think the answer is. Clickers?  They’re too passive.   Give me my Hyperactive Study Station.

Hey, venture capitalists, where are ye ?  I’ve got an idea to disrupt things!   It’s innovative!  It’ll make a growth mindset!


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