SHould this be a quick or slow post?

Posted on January 21, 2016


Yesterday I found to my delight that the designers of the course I’d signed up for posted videos of their planning meetings online.

It seems, however, from watching them, that the course I signed up for  to “design and develop” open educational resources (OER) for adult education will be pretty heavy on the “find available OER and use them to design good lessons for adults.”

This is an extremely worthwhile endeavor.

However, while I didn’t watch all those videos, the one I saw from the very nascent inception of the very idea of pairing up students of design with people who needed stuff deisgned included a conversation about OER and community colleges.   Much work had been done and lots of English courses were entirely using OER.   Humanities, yea verily.  Science, even.   Math?   That was the next thing… oh, and it had been the”next thing” for a while.

I heard several more indicators that yes, there are pretty huge gaps in the math OER.  I also heard that in order to make sense out of the test prep materials for the GED, you’d better already be at about a ninth grade level.

Is there anybody out there working on that great, gaping void?

I know lots of people don’t see it as an issue b/c they honestly … got through the math they needed and don’t even want to think about math — it’s not their problem… or … figure if you don’t have 9th grade skills by college it’s not worth developing them.  Hey, have you heard of that cool thing called a “growth mindset?”   Have you thought about … applying it?   Working with students understanding that we have to develop their attitudes as well as their aptitudes isn’t easy or quick but it *does* work if you’ve got good tools.   We don’t. Yet.   (Hey, that’s the growth mindset magic word:   “yet.”   “I can’t do that… yet.”)

I’m thinking that maybe I should realize that the folks working with numeracy … aren’t the folks who are developing apps and stuff.   This just isn’t the stuff of a solitary person in her spare time project.   Every time I help somebody over the obnoxious glitches in Connect software, I am reminded that it really takes a lot of testing and time to iron out the issues.  Garage-band educational software… you can smell it a mile away.   You don’t wish it on a struggling student.

Still, I think I have just a few more steps ’til this is working.   Fragments R Us.   Then I’ll see what I can do with HTML5/Canvas/JavaScript and the same interactive concepts.

Anyway, it’s still quiet today (unlike last Thursday!) so … let’s see if I can make this app fragment out…

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