Back at it …

Posted on December 30, 2015


(really must spend a little more time with The HOuse, though…)

It’s helpful in my teacher role to be spending this time in the learner role, which is a little bit like the student role except that one has the constraints of a classroom and teacher and syllabus and what have you.

There is no magic formula for “what inspires a person to learn.”   Different people with different psychological, cognitive, and physiological profiles are going to respond differently to structure, lack of structure, working in groups or alone.

Cognitively, though, in my novice (not rank beginner, though) role … it reminds me that what looks like “connected” to the expert can be “Cognitive overload” at the receiving end.   (Erm, yes, one of the issues with Khan Academy that don’t go away — its consistent infusion of five things at once with stuff you haven’t even looked at yet. Fixing the actual errors and including vastly improved conceptual stuff helps but doesn’t fix that for the learners who don’t already know most of it.)

But ’tis 10:37 and time to get back to it.   Shared Preferences, still…