Magic, magic!

Posted on December 29, 2015


I was stuck (like, all-day-hours-and-nuthin-to-show) and went to the sink at 5:00 and said, “okay, I need some magic to get me unstuck.”  Magic answered, “Go back to your desk and give it another try.”   And I went back and got unstuck.   Except now I have to take the things that are unstuck and actually make them work.  Which is to say I was able to save *something* to “Shared Preferences,” so it stays — but it’s the score.   I don’t want the score to stay 😉   So, Saint Magic,  keep on helpin’ me out, here… what will help the most is the degree to which I’ve organized the stuff determining what the next question is…

… and if I remember to STOP AND SAVE right now 😉