Wet cold and windy

Posted on December 28, 2015


I *hope* it’s still cold in front of my all new expensive windows because it’s blowing 40mph winds out there, not because well, they installed the windows and ended up compromising the old insulation.

Note to self:   when I make *my* tutorial, when Shared Preferences happen, it will be with ONE THING the first time.   Once again (not the first… or second third fourth or fifth time) I’m having to comb through a complicated “beginner’s tutorial” that might all be beginner things, but which of the 7 elements has something that doesn’t match?   Why is constructing a complex string with pole delimiters mixed in with date formatting and comparing scores… all tied up in creating the stuff to do the complicated weirdness of Shared Preferences with?

I understand that practical uses of Shared Preferences are probably lists of things, but in both my class notes and this game tutorial, the fundamentally different syntax involved in Shared PReferences renders it worthy of a flipping SIMPLE introduction.



That’s right, it’s just like good pedagogy & androgynogogy (b/c “androgogy” would be sexist and “androgynogogy” is fun to pronounce — start as if you were saying androgynous and then grab some egg nog…) .

If you’re learning a new dance move … well, if *I’m* learning a new dance move, I learn the parts and then how to put them together.   (You might not need to do this. You think I learned butterfly by watching and diving in and doing? Nope.)

Okay, now to make it happen.