WIsh I knew

Posted on December 23, 2015


TIme to figure out how to end the game and keep high score!   So when you make a mistake, I want mistake1 to make the first ring buoy image (that represents your “lives” — if we’ve thrown all 3 of ’em overboard, then we’re not allowed to keep sailing.   OF course we don’t actually let anybody lose their life :P)   and I *think* there’s a way to say the name of the image to go bye bye in code so I don’t have a separate statement for each image.   (so “Mistake” + livesLost concatenated to it)…




So I have a new sump pump (definitely feeling full of Middle Class Privilege; I bought a 5-year-warranty model in 2011 and it’s replaced amicably)… and the freezer seems to be working… that one rotted window they can deal with in January… now I just have to … clean the whole house, eh?   STarting with getting rid of a *lot* of clothing.

That’s neither

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