Taste of Elegance ;)

Posted on December 22, 2015


Yippppeee!!!!   It worrrkkkeed!!!! The app is progressing… and so is my skill level.  For the first time in my life, I had a method “return” an object 🙂   It’s just something that I had a lot of trouble grasping… and I’m sure it won’t be my favorite thing but … I feel so object-oriented…

*And* I’ve got parent and children cooperating in their class structures, so that at different levels, I have a different kind of question.   I *think* it’s more elegant than a mess of “if level one, then”  statements.

So.   I want to do the part where I have some way of saying “that was worth N points”

and I want a part where it says “LEVEL”  (and I might just use the android thingy that I remember there being for that)…

… urgh, then figure out how to keep track of your scores.

And then it should be usable.

Only my sump pump is probably failing…  now I have to go clean the laundry room…