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Posted on December 22, 2015


Yay!   Just figured out a new Custom View so that I can show animation and leave the little bars showing the problem alone.   (I also posted my “runnable” that I figured out as a solution to my problem on StackOverflow, which I’m on day 53 consecutive, and where I *still* can’t answer questions as a rule.)

The answer to that is that well, if my ideas are going to be (eww, do I have to use this word/?) scalable — if otehr people are to be expected to do things like it — well, they probably *should* be really basic.

Next:   Back to “scoring” (which I only interrupted b/c I didn’t bring the green computer to school Monday).

Remainder of post is “household context” — no math 😉

Windows will be done today but oh, my, the sump pump … Sunday a.m. it was grinding away when I woke up; I unplugged it and went to church and when I came back, plugged it in again and yesterday when it rained I was happy to hear it doing the usual gurgle.

This a.m. before leaving it commenced to do the grind grind grind thing… and if I plugged it back in, it continued commencing.   *Hope* today it will be happier when I get home… tomorrow it will be needed since we’re getting a pretty significant deluge.   Now, could be that as long as the thing is filling up it’s happy (I hope). Need be I need to call the folks … and need be *clean out* the laundry room which since my wild shiftings of things with moving things around for windows has meant the thing coming out the back end of the dryer hasn’t always been attached, that there is some serious lint buildup.

Reckon the planet karma set that up to motivate me before a spark lit everything on fire… which I shall choose to interpret as deeming my current efforts worthwhile.

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