Those brick walls.

Posted on December 17, 2015


So my older, purple tablet is getting harder and harder to charge — the contact between charger cable and the tablet isn’t great.   I pretty much have to arrange it in a drawer so it’s wedged against something to maintain the contact and charge it.   When I’m trying out my app, I have to be really delicate or … it disconnects.

I sprang for a Nexus 7.


Android Studio will not find the Asus drivers, and I don’t know where to put them.   The computer recognizes it and keeps informing me that YES, the driver is THE MOST RECENT.   Android Studio simply ignores it.

The Android developer information doesn’t even have how to set things up on Windows 8 (much less 10, but I’m not there yet)… and it gives a link to the Asus site that *says* “download drivers, manuals” — but can you do it? Well, actually, no.  I guess it’s time to simply *click on every word* in the page in case one of them actually links… but everything goes to products they’re trying to sell me.

This is my third Asus product in two years — but Asus is no longer my first look.   Don’t hide stuff!

Yes, it could be a mad Windows plot to Make Things Harder for Google… but Google should respond with a solution.  It’s stumped StackOverflow (there are four other posts w/ same problem, but the solutions don’t work; some refer to “pointing” the drivers to an unmentioned right place and I don’t have the rep to comment).



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