Formative, good people, formative, please!!

Posted on December 16, 2015

0   has a really nifty game with learnign the order of operations.

Oops.   It has a nice game for practicing OOP if you already know them.

You get presented with a problem with all four operations and parentheses, and you figure out one step at a time.  Cool!  I thought.   So I highlighted the “10 – 5” that was in parentheses and a neat dialog box came up so I could see that, by itself, and put that answer in and submit… and it did the “substitute that in and copy everything else” for me.   As in, I get to focus on the stuff to learn.

Except… I put in the wrong things adn it just gaily waved me forward.   I got to the end and was duly informed “that’s not the right answer.”

Hey, I *know* it’s not that hard to program an “oops! that’s not right” for the step you got wrong instead of letting you practice the bad stuff with no clue.   Practice makes permanent, dudes.


MangaHigh has a game but it requires *fast* mental multidigit addition and subtraction (and is full of shooting and blasting).   It’s not as fast as it looks like it needs — there’s a long time between “in your face” and actually making you lose a “life” — but the attention would be on the arithmetic, not the order.     is a pretty good, basic online quiz, but it is also just “right or wrong,” and doesn’t do the neat stuff that the first game does; you just enter your answer.   It starts out simpler, though.   (I don’t know how ‘adaptive’ it is.)

I didn’t bother with Khan Academy because it’s set up like ALEKS — you  have “mastered” it if you get ’em right.

The “ixl” has the flogging FOURTH GRADE status up their loudly and clearly.   Thanks but no thanks. (it does seem to be a nice level of difficulty for those who won’t feel bruised by being told They Should Have Learned This In Fourth Grade).


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