Possibilities, possibilities

Posted on December 13, 2015


In between working on the app, there was my full time job (and I don’t do homework on the job as a rule).   Students come in for help with their learning and courses.

I helped a student in my class — which led me to believe that it would not be ridiculous to offer the same help to others.   I’ve refrained from thinking about that because I’m in really high demand just w/ developmental courses, already…

… but I could do that more efficiently and put more structure in it.   Currently, I’m “all (developmental level)  things to all (developmental level)  people, all the time.”  I don’t define what I do.

I’ve often thought that the courses I took were more ‘accessible’ in definable ways that aren’t on the accessibility lists for changing formats of delivery and that sort of thing.

I got to thinking that we should polish up the combination of solidly structured courses, awesomely clear teaching, and sensitive support… and then let people know that there’s something here for people who want something different than MOOCs… there will be conversations…

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