Post-Crunch Crunch Time

Posted on December 12, 2015


No, not “Post cereals,” crunchy or not.

Now I can’t use class deadlines to spur me forward faster… but this window of “between the classes” is when I have more time, and of course am not at all limited by “course requirements” vs. my own goals.  (This wasn’t really an issue since the “course requirements” were pretty basic requirements of any app flexibly applied to … any app.)

So!  Now is the time to figure out how to have “levels,” and also whether it’s possible to creatively manage predictable misconceptions.  In CSC 140, we were guided through the memory structure of aliases simple object oriented design, long before we were wallowing in a program and then tempted to think that saying Fred == Charline made a new Charline unrelated to … the Charline it was now pointing at… and it also made it possible for us to *use* the idea of “pointing” at the same object in the design.

So… I’ve got the visuals that help with showing that -4 + -3 is going to be Even More NEgative… but I know that shifting from visual to symbolic sometimes simply dumps all that information in a bag.   Two negatives “make” a positive, don’t you know?

I shall endeavor to find a way to do it with the visuals and with the verbals… stories and pictures… and hopefully I’ll have some help with the drawing next week…

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