It’s all due tomorrow…

Posted on December 8, 2015


Yesterday evening I got inheritance to work w/ my question generator, so I have the “any old random number” version and something I can make into something else.

Might just check out Stack Overflow (which *seems* to be less snarky and nasty these days) to see how people remember all the variables and things in a “parent” class, and whether having a bunch of classes is better than one bigger class…

It was almost quiet yesterday, in this last week of classes — d’oh, with Friday being Last Day to Drop Classes, I s’pose there are fewer people in classes… one of the 072 sections is down to 9 people (I think they can start with at least 25).   The teacher has told the studnet who spends >20 hrs/ week in CAS that she can’t explain why more students don’t use the resources available to them.