Oh… well…

Posted on December 5, 2015


Took 8 hours but YES I solved my little app problem — if I rotated things and thus “restarted,” I got a new question.

Only took two hours (including the “it’s thinking, so go put five things away” part) once I just GAVE UP on doing it the way our course notes describe, creating an array of questions.   Most parts of that work, and the thing I did probably didn’t have anything to do with the arrays, but it was an educational situation where I’m pretty sure this part should have been more isolated.

(On the other hand, I might have spent the same extra 15-20 hours not figuring that out, without the arrays.   On the third hand, the important part might have been to have to change the original task *just enough* to process things. Or maybe I just invoked the proper saint in between cursing…)



Time for riding and eating…