Crunchy time

Posted on December 4, 2015


Yea, Student X is getting ego pumped b/c  I told him things to fix in group project … but as his teacher says, he is “using the resources available…”   (and he is owning the why and the how).

They want to know how I feel about semester being almost over; am I tired of them and I answer that well, actually, I’m excited about that week I’m here and they’re not to work on apps and OER Math books (and learning enough about Canvas & HTML5 & JavaScript???  5 days, not five years, though…)

… and the app is “due” Wednesday anyway  and I’m going to act like it really is being presented to people who might hire me to do that stuff, which is to say do the caffeine and late night stuff.   Then maybe email and see what’s up with the windows b/c it’s been almost four weeks…


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