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Posted on November 23, 2015


So I’ve actually posted a question at the snarkhaven StackOverflow (but yes, edited my profile to leave out my comments that they’re self-sanctified twerds — I’ll put it back when … okay, if… they prove me right again).

I mean to tell ya, you tell this thing to “run” and it runs.   If I say “for time one to four, delay 10 seconds between,” it will do that — and then go back to just running, forever.

Okay, there’s a command to tell it to stop.   If I tell my slider to tell it to do that, I can slide and it will do that.

However, if I tell *it* to do that if my counter gets over 4, it refuses.   It tells me my counter is … and it keeps getting bigger… and it just skips that line that tells it to stop.   It’s the same. exact. command.   I put it “outside” the loop.

I found some bizarre and convoluted functions (methods, **WHATEVER**), that Android’s supposed to have but … I’m reticent to dive into something utterly new when hey, it’s violating the rules of programming.  (Which is to say, if I’m making a stupid syntax mistake that makes it look like it’s violating the rules of programming, I need to find that out, not go try something more complicated.)

I got an edit from somebody with 111 rep so I was glad to accept it — they get points for that.   I’m all for elevating the lowly.  And maybe s/he is hte one who voted my question as useful and clear (it’s not that researched…) so that gee whillikers, I’m up to 26 in rep… all it will take is one snarkboy to yank it, though.


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