Posted on November 19, 2015


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that on Twitter somebody mentioned that stomping out misconceptions generally isn’t a a good idea…  so I went to Khan Academy for the even-worse-than-most video about exponents where nothing conceptual whatsoever is mentioned, we’re told a few million times NOT TO MULTIPLY SIX TIMES EIGHT DO NOT MULTIPLY SIX TIMES 8 and … he never actually figures out the right answer — just tells us it’s a really huge number.

I couldn’t find it! 🙂

Instead, I found a set of lessons that started with the “rice on a chessboard” story — yes, a famous introduction to exponents, as a concept!

Might could be that my ‘input’ helped make that one a target for improvement.

Last week I got notified that I might want to ‘unsubscribe’ from the github “KhanBugz” since the guy was going to discard 50,000 or so bug reports.   I tried, but … now I have about 50,000 emails in my box.   Well, Google tells me 36,000 — and I had at least 10K before, so we should be able to dump ’em before the morning’s out.

But yes, in the past couple years, over 50,000 bugs have been reported and are “still open.”   Lots are “you have the answer wrong,” which probably isn’t true most of the time – but who knows? and lots of them are site stuff.

At any rate, I’m hoping that the Giant Flush will mean that they’ve got folks who actually will be monitoring the errors and stuff.

(update:   it’s in there, four videos down.)

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