That MOOC on ed tech

Posted on November 10, 2015


WHereas I left the flash drive at school anyway, so I’d have to do punting to work on the app… I went back to the MOOC about educational tech.

Week two has an interview with a HS Physics teacher in a 1:1 school talking about what he looks for in tech. Half is logistics, half is instructional (and whether it’s half and half depends)…

… accessibility was high on the list — not leaving out people who are visually impaired, etc.   He didn’t say “it’s a legal thing,” either …

He mentioned under “instructional” that a physics app that showed standing waves had changed it from being one of the hardest things to teach to one of the easiest, becasue when you could actually see the animation, it became obvious what they were about; that previously he’d had to do frame by frame things… Yes!   That’s what I want to happen with negative integers…

I also think I have some direction in making hierarchies of the somewhat similar activities, and their layouts.   While layouts don’t know from hierarchies so I can’t have a “parent” blueprint model for a general layout and then modify it a little for each activity, I *can* include “Custom Views” in the layout… so that if my Master Layout has a “Number Line View,”   I can modify *that* from java.   (This discerned by emailed fearless instructor — a four email day, and two of them were longer than two words!!!   And the two-word one was “ok, lol” at my realization that erk, I was going to have to plan… visually… and that I might need to drop by for help for the obvious-once-I-see-it things like that if your number line is under where you enter stuff, your hands will, erm, cover up the number line… have I mentioned I do… not… think… visually…)

None of this, however, do I think I’m going to be able to work on while driving East… and I don’t have a presentation!   However, I have *not* been doing Camtasia videos so I shall script some of them out and practice *that* whilst cruise controlling (we invent verbs spontaneously :)) … I’ll get that late-night-Camtasia voice down 😉

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