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animation tribulations

November 23, 2015


So I’ve actually posted a question at the snarkhaven StackOverflow (but yes, edited my profile to leave out my comments that they’re self-sanctified twerds — I’ll put it back when … okay, if… they prove me right again). I mean to tell ya, you tell this thing to “run” and it runs.   If I […]


November 21, 2015


I’m going through the parts of CSC 212 that completely crashed and burned on my first attempt, and which I didn’t get to when I reworked things on my own — it’s the sending of data from one Activity to Another, and soon the Saving Of STuff From One Session To Another.   Yea, it’s […]


November 19, 2015


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that on Twitter somebody mentioned that stomping out misconceptions generally isn’t a a good idea…  so I went to Khan Academy for the even-worse-than-most video about exponents where nothing conceptual whatsoever is mentioned, we’re told a few million times NOT TO MULTIPLY SIX TIMES EIGHT DO NOT MULTIPLY SIX TIMES […]

The conference racket

November 12, 2015


Hey, some of my best friends are … oh, academics.   Still, sitting here in a college 100% cut off from the state budget, lookign at conference blurbs makes this nasty taste in the back of my throat.   Smiling white-breads write instant acronyms: “We are calling the successor to the LMS the next-generation digital learning environment […]

That MOOC on ed tech

November 10, 2015


WHereas I left the flash drive at school anyway, so I’d have to do punting to work on the app… I went back to the MOOC about educational tech. Week two has an interview with a HS Physics teacher in a 1:1 school talking about what he looks for in tech. Half is logistics, […]