That larnin’ stuff

Posted on October 30, 2015


Today I was reminded again of a couple of things.  It’s Hallowe’en and our department theme is “Fairy Tale Stories” so I posted “Stone Soup” with my version of “Success Soup” and how you might start out thinking you don’t have enough academic resources but… if y’all work together… and … I was reminded how much people like stories and corny stuff 😉

Which is sort of related to the fact that I successfully moved old quizzes to this semester’s Transition course and … people like taking easy quizzes and acing them.   It’s kinda fun watching somebody think hard and try hard to get stuff right.  Yea. Need to work on that app.   (I’m doing the really boring log of that stuff at   … and when I’m riding, contemplating how to scale things up…)

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