I wish.

Posted on October 27, 2015


So… my computer is all new and nekkid.   It means this rainy morning I didn’t have to tote the ‘big’ laptop (I didn’t have to tote the itty bitty transformer, either, but it fits in a 1-gallon zip-lok bag) in, ’cause YES!   I can run Android Studio

(We interrupt this wish with another wish.   I wish my “vibe” didn’t send already anxious people into even higher levels of anxiety like unto those electrons in their orbitals I remember from days of Chemistry yore…)

So I’m bringin’ ye olde flash drive in and copying files and really, really wishing I had a grasp of GitHub and version control, but mainly wishing I knew somebody who knew this stuff 😉  because I just know it won’t be long before I’ve got zillions of backup copies of the same stuff…

Tomorrow is “Bike SUmmit” here in town, so I”ll be skipping work for it… and yes, bringing Aysoos  (the ‘big laptop’ for which I need a better spelling for its name) in case there’s dead air time…

Oh.   And I really wish that when I wanted “math” as a tag the stooooopid WordPress wouldn’t always turn it into abe math.

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