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Posted on October 26, 2015


p.230 in the “Math Literacy” book has questions about getting diapers with & without a discount plan.

They’re 46.99 w/o the plan and 20% discount on each box w/ the $79 membership.

How many boxes would you buy for the cost to be equal, and what cost would that  be?

Well, dear book writers, there isn’t a number of boxes for you to buy where they’d be equal.   You shouldn’t ask a question where the student has to decide whether or not you really mean that question, in which case the answer is “there is no such number of boxes, and therefore no cost that’s the same,”  because, after all, this is a “math literacy” course where there is a serious emphasis on answering the question asked, or … figuring out where they’re closest and then saying what the costs for each option are… or, explaining that at n boxes the two costs would be __ and __ , and at n+1 the two costs would be __ and __ (which is the point at which the membership plan is cheaper.)

This tag “math literacy edit” brought to you… so I can remember at the end of the year.

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