Posted on October 20, 2015


A pre-pre-algebra student came in for a “homework coupon.”  Deal is:   you cna get full credit on a homework grade if you get one of these from me.

Some students assume it’s just a “get out of homework free” deal… but no, I ask you what you need to work on… this student was “you give me something to do!”   but when prodded, said she would like to do some “greater than or less than” problems which they’ve bene doing with integers.

My computer being empty, I put her on’s little instant quizzes that have been there for at least 10 years.   She did know her stuff — tho’ she stumbled with zero.

She also really wanted to keep going — even though 11 times of the 149 questions she answered, it told her she’d gotten it wrong because “-3 is less than -1” — except that hadn’t been the problem on the screen.

She wanted to do more… hmmm… what does that tell me…

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