Posted on October 17, 2015


Seems my tomatoes did NOT freeze last night!   (local temps below freezing … would have thunk my open yard would have frozen right up…) but tonight’s supposed to get just as chilly.

Trying to figure out the right search terms to see if anybody’s scoping out what kinds of apps actually help Ss develop math concepts… and the folder where I dumped the ones I already found, and realizing it’s time to get a Big Honkin’ Flash Drive in which to back up stuff all in one place.

Yea, the blue screen of death was … fatal.   Not just failed hard drive; it “had other issues.” I’m sure there will be things I will miss that I don’t know about now, but fact is I do try to back up and save files in lots of places.   I have a new computer with the same model.

This means I have room to install Android Studio 🙂 🙂 🙂   I didn’t have time to do *anything* except try, and fail, to set up Outlook (and I just left when it failed ’cause it was already after 5:00).  It can’t find my settings; they don’t exist.

I’m hoping that it will work faster than my ASUS (but even if not, not having to tote the thign every day will be sweeet).

At any rate, time for a little research, then a little trying to get the number line thing to work, and… sending back the contract for those windows 🙂

… okay, a little research done — found this   and … it’s from 2002 so prob’ly of limited “snowball” use.  Stilll, it was a delight to find a site called the Center for Cognitive Technology … even if the front page lists a 2009 event… and a delight to read a paragraph saying that novice learners learn complex things differently than simple ones — and that trying to pretend a complex task can be learned by breaking it into a mess of simple ones generally doesn’t work.   (They don’t include that silly word “concept,” though.)

However, a nice (but also old) post about the “design document” for “guided experiential learning” describes talking concept before procedure!!!   (Now, to find more than just this random thing…)

Still, I’m trying to stay in “production” mode, so … one more little review and then back to the actual app design.   I tried “multisensory technology” and got a cool article about reading and tech — and it really seems people might be doing *cool* things with that!   I’m trying to figure out how to define that learning pathway and apply it to the math stuff without getting so bogged down in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny  steps along the way … but thinking that there’s an appropriate analogy that Orton-Gillingham teachers would “get” — that in the same way students and many teachers believe it’s not worth learning the phonetic structure that our language really, honestly is based on (yes, letters stand for sounds, not ideas)  — because there are just too many exceptions!! … that for an awful lot of people, math is the same way, so we use “sight word” strategies for hte assorted procedures.

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