Shouting into the wind…

Posted on October 15, 2015


… I’m still plugging away at trying to get the hardware working on the assorted computers — I can use my tablet on this computer, which chokes and dies when it tries to run the Android emulator… and the potential “android station” at work will run a little emulator but not a slightly bigger one (because it overrides my settings to give it 1GB of RAM, and then tells me it can’t do that so that I should change my settings, yea verily).
Next thing: install said drivers on work station to get the tablet working on it.
Also sent email to the whole bloomin’ class (all dozen or so) suggesting conversations about hardware or any issues peeps might be having. Guessing I’m not phrasing things in a way conducive to things happening… which tells me I should get others’ advice if I try to do an online “basic math prep” course, too… wonder if any of my adult ed buddies have experience gettnig peeps to engage.
Had the usual so-called fun just getting a thing typed and printed because no, I couldn’t get the USB port to talk to the computer (it’s my “aged” Windows 7 computer…four, five years old? I should find out…) so I rebooted. Oops, that’ll be a half an hour as it tries to update. SO I moved back to ASeuss even tho’ I don’t have the charger (for all its flaws, it does have good battery life, but why does it have a totally weird charger that ones with 8 different heads don’t fit so the “universal” one I got for the aged one won’t work?).
And dropped in for chat about progress towards getting a station to do Android Studio on and trying to help students stay caught up. Mebbe tomorrow I can make some actual progress on the actual app…

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