Knewton: cute name, same schtick…

Posted on October 15, 2015


Hey, I know who Isaac Newton was, and it’s nice if you KNow a Ton, right?

NPR talks about this latest version of “adaptive learning,” and it’s free, so it must be good, right?

Far as I can tell, it doesn’t even have a drone-man explaining the procedures, much less anything about what any of that ritual of symbol manipulation called math means.   But it’s adaptive!   And the more people who use it, the more it will adapt, because it is made for all those learners who are *just like you.*  (All learners are the same, right?)   Before I visited the site I thought, “well, at least it would be good to have a program that eventually figured out what most teachers know — those places where most people do trip up,” but…

I just wish people actually understood that this model of teaching math isn’t going to *fix* what’s broken; it’s the stuff of why people don’t understand math.   Of course, since math is somethign we have to pass, not actually understand, that doesn’t matter, right?

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