It’s not all Outlook’s fault, perhaps.

Posted on October 15, 2015


Whereas my computer gave me the Blue Screen of Death Monday morning (so I’m working from one of the 16 computers here for student use)… we’ll see when it comes back with a new hard drive whether Outlook is less of an albatross/millstone.

Speaking of liberal arts, I was reflecting on my ride in that one of the reasons I loved my animations course was that it was thoroughly infected with a liberal arts perspective.   The technical how-to stuff was enveloped in the relationship of this animation stuff and our culture.  No, we didn’t see an animation of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but — well,   has the always evolving schedule.  The “intro to graphic media” class that is a prereq was mostly about Standard Stereotypical Gender/Social Roles  but we weren’t too far in when we got to CHairy Tale (  …

I shall attempt to make my app a cultural challenge, too — but I’d better get on it since it’s quiet in here!

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