Why Outlook is so great for you, but I’m not at all excited about switching

Posted on October 9, 2015


I was a negative nay-sayer at our staff meeting yesterday. We’re apparently going to be switching the students to Outlook & OneDrive … in the middle of the semester. There was some resigned comment about “well, there’s never a good time.”
Gee, what could go wrong? screenshotFileLocked
For starters: oh, it’s so exciting that I can work on all my stuff, anywhere, online. Yay! Except… if I work on another computer, and don’t close out in the right fashion… actually, I can’t get my file. It’s locked.
Eventually, I figured out how to get to this file… but if it had been an assignment I had to print? A week late wouldn’t have worked.
I also only got that message at all when I noticed on starting outlook that “a file failed to upload.” It only comes up as “toast,” and then disappears. Until I checked that, I simply couldn’t find a file that I expected to be on One Drive.
Many the student will not know to click on the toast messages.
THose who do will not find that little message encouraging… and even *if* they scrutinize the small print and know to click the cute triangle next to restore, that simply tells them that well, it’s locked, and they have the option to be notified when it’s available… so they don’t have access to it even then (and probably don’t know that they’d have to go back to whatever computer that is that thinks they’re still working on and do whatever you have to do, which I don’t know, to convince the computer you’re not working on it anymore). Now, “all they have to do” is copy all and paste it to a Word file (I think)…

This is just one “little” issue that I know about. Hey, maybe I’m wrong and this won’t happen to any students. And maybe there really aren’t any other issues like it. And maybe the fact that Microsoft is focusing its marketing efforts on “high-end” customers isn’t going to mean that their software just doesn’t work well on smaller computers. Oops, I know that’s a bold-faced lie — my computer gives me ” close things down, you’re out of memory* *every time* I have Outlook open and try to run anythign else. But — it’s technology!!! It’s gotta be awesome!!