On second thought…

Posted on October 6, 2015


I think maybe I am having less time because of the absolutely incredible failure of Windows 8 to function properly. Everything has to work through the cloud. If I don’t have access to the cloud, I don’t have access to the files I created. Yes, even if I do my best to save them to the *computer.* Now, files I saved to a flash drive and opened on another computer (with Windows 7) weren’t lost. Everything else?
And searching? Rememberwhen the coolest thing about computers (at least to me) was that it would comb *all* that data in *seconds*? Not any more. I wait minutes — to find that no, it actually didn’t find the document in which I wrote Sue: at least seven times…
So I have lots and lots of time to blog (on the office computer which crashes if I try to use OUtlook 365). Can’t do anything *productive* … time to reboot.
Yea, that used to help, too, but now things pretty much restore to the same bloated state they were in.
I’m also pretty darned terrified to “upgrade” to Windows 10. What crap will that include? Hey, I’ve gone open source for just about everythign *but* my OS…
Update: I think I’ve found settings to turn all the Synching Ship crap off. I hope.

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