Glub! Glub!

Posted on October 6, 2015


Windows guy came & measured. App work is doing *really* nicely.

Still not enough time to … work on Camtasia or update my website. (There may be time, but there isn’t … focus? Ability to find all the stuff to do the stuff?)

Considering trying to figure out two other layouts on the grounds that creativity isn’t about grabbing the first thing that works. However, layout isn’t where my app’s creative; it’s having an activity that is conceptual instead of procedural while providing the path to procedural competence (with pedagogical potency :)).

I found colored pencils 🙂
… and I’m listening to a webinar from LexiaLearning, a Rosetta Stone company.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same LexiaLearnign that has the software that has the solid “how to break words into syllables and decode them” software, which did a better job w/ “sound/symbol” association than just about anything. Hoping that being part of Rosetta Stone means more people get better sound/symbol association.

Still, this webinar is about how gee, let’s have a teacher be a mentor, facilitator, yada, yada… and yes, a whole long story about why people drink milkshakes for about 10 minutes of the webinar. Yea. And then a lot of talk of the wonders of adaptive learning and that we should all hack our learning spaces. I think I need a Buzzword Cleansing Ritual…

So… these edupreneurs are making how much money from whom, giving webinars full of buzzwords about culture change, while students in classrooms (blended or otherwise) learn what? Silly me, to be thinking about the learning part. (Hey, the actual content got almost 45 seconds of talk — not actually about content, but they did say the word.)

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