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That larnin’ stuff

October 30, 2015


Today I was reminded again of a couple of things.  It’s Hallowe’en and our department theme is “Fairy Tale Stories” so I posted “Stone Soup” with my version of “Success Soup” and how you might start out thinking you don’t have enough academic resources but… if y’all work together… and … I was reminded how […]

I wish.

October 27, 2015


So… my computer is all new and nekkid.   It means this rainy morning I didn’t have to tote the ‘big’ laptop (I didn’t have to tote the itty bitty transformer, either, but it fits in a 1-gallon zip-lok bag) in, ’cause YES!   I can run Android Studio (We interrupt this wish with another […]

Editing, editing

October 26, 2015


p.230 in the “Math Literacy” book has questions about getting diapers with & without a discount plan. They’re 46.99 w/o the plan and 20% discount on each box w/ the $79 membership. How many boxes would you buy for the cost to be equal, and what cost would that  be? Well, dear book writers, there […]


October 20, 2015


A pre-pre-algebra student came in for a “homework coupon.”  Deal is:   you cna get full credit on a homework grade if you get one of these from me. Some students assume it’s just a “get out of homework free” deal… but no, I ask you what you need to work on… this student was “you […]


October 17, 2015


Seems my tomatoes did NOT freeze last night!   (local temps below freezing … would have thunk my open yard would have frozen right up…) but tonight’s supposed to get just as chilly. Trying to figure out the right search terms to see if anybody’s scoping out what kinds of apps actually help Ss develop […]

Knewton: cute name, same schtick…

October 15, 2015


Hey, I know who Isaac Newton was, and it’s nice if you KNow a Ton, right? NPR talks about this latest version of “adaptive learning,” and it’s free, so it must be good, right? Far as I can tell, it doesn’t even have a drone-man explaining the procedures, much less anything about what any of […]

It’s not all Outlook’s fault, perhaps.

October 15, 2015


Whereas my computer gave me the Blue Screen of Death Monday morning (so I’m working from one of the 16 computers here for student use)… we’ll see when it comes back with a new hard drive whether Outlook is less of an albatross/millstone. Speaking of liberal arts, I was reflecting on my ride in that […]

Shouting into the wind…

October 15, 2015


… I’m still plugging away at trying to get the hardware working on the assorted computers — I can use my tablet on this computer, which chokes and dies when it tries to run the Android emulator… and the potential “android station” at work will run a little emulator but not a slightly bigger one […]

Why Outlook is so great for you, but I’m not at all excited about switching

October 9, 2015


I was a negative nay-sayer at our staff meeting yesterday. We’re apparently going to be switching the students to Outlook & OneDrive … in the middle of the semester. There was some resigned comment about “well, there’s never a good time.” Gee, what could go wrong? For starters: oh, it’s so exciting that I can […]

On second thought…

October 6, 2015


I think maybe I am having less time because of the absolutely incredible failure of Windows 8 to function properly. Everything has to work through the cloud. If I don’t have access to the cloud, I don’t have access to the files I created. Yes, even if I do my best to save them to […]