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Small but significant victories

September 22, 2015


“How can you have a set that’s equal and not equivalent? You can’t.” It’s wonderful to hear a student who isn’t locked into “What’s the formula to get the answer?” and automatically includes “no, that just won’t work,” without stress… Advertisements

Time to what?

September 17, 2015


Thursdays are usually the quietest — most of the Math courses I help with are M, T, W, Fr classes. I arrived in my office at 8:02; one student was already there.   Three more arrived in the next five minutes; I worked with about a dozen folks… in the first hour.   Got to […]

Don’t want to forget the movies …

September 12, 2015

2  — this is a quick video showing finding the mean as “leveling off.”   It’s done with number rods and it’s short and sweet (and not too many words).   I’m not sure students would see the connection between that and means in the context of real situations but that could be addressed. A […]

Equations equations

September 10, 2015


Students are solving single variable equations with one and two steps. This is where I can wedge into the process all kinds of reinforcement of the stuff we only pretend you are confident with: operations with variables and integers. I can say for w/2 = 10 that w is a number so big that when […]

Cuts and slashes

September 10, 2015


Students have been coming to me needing to prepare for the TEAS test. Yes, we once had a course for that but … that and many other courses have been eliminated this fall. Folks trying to enter into academics to get better employment — they’re people, not businesses, and our current governor insists that we […]

Connect rant, continued.

September 9, 2015


Okay, so translating “the sum of 4 and -5” is wrong if you say 4 + -5. You have to put the negative five in parentheses. The sum of -4 + -5 doesnt’ require parentheses around the -4 and yes, it’s *wrong* if you include them. No, these rules are not explained anywhere. An ounce […]

If dreams came true…

September 9, 2015


Then I would be at a house and discovering that my old choir director was also taking my apps course and was working on some cool apps that he showed me.   Yes, that’s what I dreamed last night 😉  Oh, I had a crush on that choir director 🙂 Realized that saving those files […]