HOoks and ladders :)

Posted on September 30, 2015


THat doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I did see a truck carrying an entire utility pole on it this morning.

I also saw SVABBY2 again – but I think she’s found a different route. (THat’s the license of the VW driven by the lady who passed me on the right then cut in front of me to grab the left turn lane, then harassed me for “being discourteous” and accused me of breaking the law — which she, not I, was doing…) SHe was coming North on Lincoln and turned left on Main so I was behind her when she turned right on Harvey.

Coming home tonight a person passed me on a venerable clunker and I pondered my happiness with slow speeds in the dark on the potholey roads. Then coming up Anderson I slowed ’cause there was a car parked on the right hand side iwth the lights on, and I went really wide to the left and … she proceeded to pull forward and left right in front of me into a driveway.
I just stopped and stared at her… and her window was down and she looked at me and said, “I’m sorry. That was terrible.” We had a brief conversation that included her noting, “And you’re all lit up and everything. I’m so sorry.”

Now, I do wish I could always call on that look that the authority gives you when you’re just, flat, busted and conveys “I just don’t believe you just did that…” (and of course it was dark — but I think it conveyed)…. tho’ I don’t think it would have helped SVABBY2 any… this lady didn’t deem me unworthy of being there and swerve around me; clearly she had an “invisible gorilla” moment and I strongly suspect she’ll be a lot more alert for a while. (I *love* the INternet and knowing readers could just do a search for “invisible gorilla…)
… Oh, and there’s a path being worn down in the grass by the fountain that is still being worked on so nobody can get through on the “bike route.” I’m proud to leave my mark.

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