More khan fun

Posted on September 26, 2015


So I went back to Khan Academy to see what color they used for their layout,(and now I realize the answer to my question:   what shade of blue will be pretty but not too dark to see white text? is … right here on my blog…)

I now, on this second day, can do a “mastery challenge.”   It actually makes sense that I can’t “master” something on the same session that I learned it in.  Yay!   I don’t know if the 15:??.??  countdown timer was for hours or minutes (I do hope hours) … yes, *everything* is all exciting and counting down and adding up.

I was told this was my chance to show mastery in these skills I’d already practiced.   However, not one of the questions was for a skill I’d already practiced.   They were about fractions and decimals.    My “practice” session was whole number operations.

It’s okay, though.   He wants to help us learn!

Now, I’ve “mastered” a bunch of skills, having answered one whole question correctly (from a randomly generated question, so the challenge level was … random.)

And more importantly, *if* I can stop being distracted, I’ve got a color combination 🙂

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