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Posted on September 24, 2015


Sitting here waiting for the emulator to load up just to make sure it what I submitted *will* run on the device it’s supposed to run on. Realized that the waiting period would be a good time to watch the videos on the same stuff, tho’ hopefully I won’t have the need to try to apply something in the video while watching. It reminds me of the review of my computer that I saw after I bought it that noted that since it has a hard drive, not a solid state thingy… that’s why it’s so much cheaper than the competition, but it’ll be s l o w sometimes…
Not such a good idea: going to Khan Academy to peek at their visual design, because I had to read my notification that somebody had responded to my error submission under the multiplication — where Sal tells us that two plus two is the same as two times one — with “he’s trying to help” and the usual fanbot dis-drivel (of course, anonymously).
I am signed on as a “coach,” so I could sign students up and coach them… but I can’t just go to a lesson and respond to stuff from there, I don’t think. I do want to bump “see if I can replicate parts of the display” up higher on my list… wondering whether it’s Java or JavaScript.
It’s got a delightfully powerful, seductive display telling me I haven’t started any of the 119 lessons on my mission, and that I have 0 lessons in the “practiced,” “level one, “Level two” and “mastered” categories. The assorted badges have Skinner and Pavlov high-fiving each other… some you get just for existing, others for your first “down vote” on something that you didn’t think was helpful, etc.
I wonder if it’s our cultural assumption that Some Authority Is Watchign and will Reward Or Punish You Later that makes this stuff so seductive, **and** I wonder if kids who aren’t so monitored — kids in the kinds of families where they’re left alone a whole lot more — respond as much to that kind of thing. PhD Project #101… and in the meantime the emulator stopped working and requires me to shut it down. Oh, well…

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